State-of-the-art technology for energy saving

Direct flame drying for very high energy yield

Born from a deep understanding of the needs of the agricultural world, TURBODRY dryers are designed to be high-performance, robust, and easy to maintain and clean. Within the TURBODRY series, models differ in size, power and maximum production capacity: they can also be configured with different construction variants.

Compact efficiency

Thermal energy optimization

Thermal energy optimization

Drying capacity is maximized because all the heat generated is channeled into the product to be dried.

Temperature stability

Temperature stability

The thermal capacity of the special refractory material coating stabilizes the drying air temperature, thus ensuring optimal combustion and high energy savings.



The grain, legume or seed is kept in constant motion to ensure even drying, a guarantee of better preservation.

Time optimization

Time optimization

The structure of the dryer is designed to achieve a large exchange surface area between the hot air and the grain and allows unbeatable drying times.


The TURBODRY (AS) series is the Strahl Agrimec line of dryers that provides for direct drying with preheated air inside a combustion chamber lined with highly insulating refractory material, enabling the maintenance of constant temperatures and a very high energy yield.

Load hopper

The hopper allows loading of the product to be dried and separation of unwanted elements and materials.

Load auger

Allows the loading of the product to be dried inside the dryer bell.

Central auger

Designed to transport the product upward, reintroducing it into the drying area, and subsequently facilitating product discharge.

Swivel discharge

The dried grain can be discharged simply by gravity or, if there is no slope, by an auger equipped with an electric motor.


The burner is the heat source that enables the drying of the product. The standard equipment of our dryers includes diesel burners, but we can also supply them with natural gas or LPG upon request.


The fan draws in air from outside and through the pre-heated oven, conveys it inside the bell to reduce the moisture in the grain.

Ejection cleaner

Device that removes impurities using a drop ejection mechanism.

Electric panel (automatic/manual)

The electrical panel enables integral management of all dryer operating processes.

Drive (gimbal and/or electric)

Strahl mobile grain dryers can be equipped with PTO (or gimbal), electric or mixed drive, depending on the user's needs.


Devices that measure and monitor product temperature during drying processes.

Recirculation flows

Recirculation flows indicate the paths of cold to hot air passing through the combustion chamber to the inside of the bell. Through microperforated plates, hot air allows air to pass through and dry the product.

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