FR Series

Continuous-flow dryers for medium- and large-volume processing, to obtain the utmost performance and energy efficiency

The avant-garde design of Strahl dryers, for sustainable and efficient results

FR dryers are designed and manufactured to handle medium- and large-volume processing, uniting efficiency and sustainability. Equipped with an integrated heat recovery solution that lowers energy needs, they are incredibly durable and offer a comfortable working environment. Easily accessed inspection systems allow simple and safe maintenance. The state-of-the-art control panel allows for ample customisation of drying recipes, with an integrated heat recovery solution that lowers energy needs.

A concentration of technology

Energy saving

Energy saving

Thanks to the recirculation system that recycles air that is not completely saturated, the FR
series guarantees significant energy savings.

Durable structure

Durable structure

The FR series is constructed with a support structure in hot-dipped steel and strengthened
with interwoven tubular reinforcement that renders it more rigid.

Maximum safety

Maximum safety

The panels have been designed with external guttering to channel away rainwater, while inside, they are smooth and positioned without any overlapping, avoiding the harmful accumulation of dust within the drying chamber.

Low noise levels

Low noise levels

The design of the ventilators, combined with silencers clad internally with mineral wool increases acoustic comfort for operators.

Air flow dynamics

The recovery of warm, unsaturated air reduces fuel consumption.

Thermal insulation

Walls are thermally insulated to prevent heat loss.

Air flow management

Electronically/pneumatically controlled devices allow for regulation of airflow inside the dryer, reducing consumption and emissions.

Walkways and platforms

A series of internal and external walkways provides access to all parts of the structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Air shielded burner

The latest generation air shielded burner allows for precise and stable regulation of process temperatures.

Extraction device

Careful design of the extraction device paired with a sophisticated control system enables precise, homogeneous and steady product flow upon discharge.

Structural supports

The load-bearing structure is robust and resilient to seismic activity, wind loads, and accidental impacts.

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