AR Series

The best for batch drying. Great results for small batches

To dry small quantities or batches of different produce. Ideal for processing paddy rice

Designed for small quantities or for high product rotation, these are recirculating dryers, which allow for particularly gentle drying and are thus suited to drying delicate produce such as paddy rice. In AR dryers, once the machine has been completely filled, the product is recirculated within the dryer via a bucket elevator. This means that it alternates between the drying zone and the upper tempering hopper. 

Ideal for small quantities and delicate produce



The machine allows for the separate management of small production batches, an essential aspect, for example, in the organic and seed sectors.

Delicate drying

Delicate drying

The construction of the machine and the possibility of setting specific programmes allows for slow drying cycles and long periods of tempering, particularly suited to delicate produce.

Germination power of seeds

Germination power of seeds

The maintaining of a low temperature and the possibility of repeated product recycling, taking advantage of the natural falling of the product into the drying chamber, allows seeds to maintain their germination power.

Air flow dynamics

The recovery of warm, unsaturated air reduces fuel consumption.

Thermal insulation

Walls are thermally insulated to prevent heat loss.

Air flow management

Electronically/pneumatically controlled devices allow for regulation of airflow inside the dryer, reducing consumption and emissions.

Walkways and platforms

A series of internal and external walkways provides access to all parts of the structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Air shielded burner

The latest generation air shielded burner allows for precise and stable regulation of process temperatures.

Extraction device

Careful design of the extraction device paired with a sophisticated control system enables precise, homogeneous and steady product flow upon discharge.

Structural supports

The load-bearing structure is robust and resilient to seismic activity, wind loads, and accidental impacts.

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