Control systems

The intuitive system for real-time process management
To easily control and manage the parameters of the drying process in real time, detecting any alerts and optimising results

To manage drying processes in real time, optimizing the result Our control systems allow the levels of temperature, humidity and drying time to be adjusted based on the characteristics of each individual batch, so that each lot is treated specifically and perfect drying is always achieved.
Process data can be recorded to enable historical analysis and monitoring statistics.

Drying software

Our dryers are equipped with state-of-the-art temperature and humidity control software that ensures perfect drying at all times, for any type of grain or oilseed.
Optimizing the process means reducing excessive consumption and waste.

Control panel

The operator panel is high-resolution, with an improved and simplified interface that allows very easy program management and high customization possibilities. The process management experience is pleasant, intuitive and comprehensive.

Software self-diagnostic system

The operation of the various components is constantly tested and monitored. The information gathered is processed by the software. The result is an advanced and intelligent diagnostic system that allows the operation of the dryer to be adapted to various conditions of use easily and safely.

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