Construction technology

Solid, sturdy and made to last
Dryer is an investment that is destined to last

Strahl dryers are made with superior materials and workmanship, using high-level robotic technology and automation to make the products solid, strong and perfect in all conditions. The structure is always assembled and tested in-house before delivery to ensure maximum reliability.

Dryers' structure

Strahl dryers are designed with attention to the smallest structural details. Their outer walls have outward-facing flaps designed to drain water and prevent corrosion over time.
Internally, the walls are smooth to prevent product buildup.
The unique configuration of the sheet metal and the use of Aluzinc for the outer cladding are a hallmark of Strahl dryers. This represents a symbol of longevity and ensures excellent preservation both aesthetically and mechanically.

Protection against seismic events

In large dryers, special anchorage on a reinforced concrete base is provided to ensure resistance to the most extreme seismic events. The entire structure can be equipped with special tie-rods and fasteners to hold the dryer in place and protect internal equipment.

Dust reduction

The ventilation chamber is sized to have a low airflow speed, so dust decants and does not escape, and is designed to have the perfect balance of air and drying for the best results. The positioning of the fans also contributes to the reduction of dust dispersion.

Protection from rain

The outer panels are turned up to prevent water stagnation and thus prevent the machine from rusting over time. Inside, on the other hand, the panels are smooth so as not to retain the product.

Protection from wind

The structure is designed to be particularly resistant not only to external wind pressure but also to the negative internal pressure generated during emptying. This is also true for larger dryers.

Extraction device

The special conformation of this element allows very fast output of the product while keeping its shape and quality characteristics intact.

Inspection balconies

Each dryer is built with a series of walkways with fall protection that allow for safe maintenance and inspection.

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